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Exporter of HV and MV Panels in Malawi

Exporter of HV and MV Panels in Malawi

Sempra Electric Private Limited, a renowned exporter of various goods, including UPS, Battery Banks, diesel generators, LV and HV panels, transformers, voltage stabilizers, and more.

HV panels handle voltage levels typically above 1000 volts and find use in transmitting and distributing electricity over long distances.

MV panels handle voltage levels typically ranging from 1 kV to 33 kV and find use in electrical distribution networks within industrial plants, commercial buildings, and residential areas.

Key Features of HV and MV Panels:

In case of faults or overloads, HV and MV panels interrupt the electrical current using circuit breakers, ensuring the safety of the system and connected equipment.

Customizing HV and MV panels can meet specific project requirements, enabling flexibility in design and functionality.

Our panels incorporate various protection devices, such as relays, fuses, and current transformers, to safeguard the power system from short circuits and other electrical faults.

Our HV and MV panels are equipped with control and monitoring systems that provide real-time data on electrical parameters, allowing operators to manage the system efficiently.

Sempra Electric Pvt Ltd is an Exporter of HV and MV Panels in Malawi., serving locations like RLilongwe, Blantyre, Mzuzu, Zomba, Kasungu, Mangochi, Karonga, Salima, Nkhotakota, Liwonde, Nsanje, Rumphi.

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