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Project Management

Project Management

SITC Project

DP structure design, SITC of HT panel/Ring main unit, Cable Schedule, Project BOQ, drawing schedule, drawings like single line diagram, Three line diagram, General Arrangement drawing, General Notes, Termination Diagram, Bill of Material, calculation of Distribution transformer, calculation of DG, Sizing calculation of APFC, Cable sizing with voltage drop calculation, UPS sizing calculation, VFD/ PLC/ Switch gear selection, layout of cable, Layout of lighting, layout of earthing, cable route, Indoor and outdoor lighting design, Lighting DB, process and instrumentation diagram, safety precaution e.g. CCTV, Fire Safety Devices etc.

Installation and Commissioning

On-site installation and commissioning by certified Sempra Electric Pvt. Ltd.

The correct installation and commissioning will ensure a high degree of operational reliability. To achieve a problem-free start-up, it is required that MNS installation and commissioning procedures are followed. The use of service personnel from Sempra Electric Pvt. Ltd. low voltage systems service ensures that the switchgear is installed and put into operation in a safe and correct way. Sempra Electric Pvt. Ltd. certified service engineers provide expert on-site installation and cold and hot commissioning for low voltage switchgear and products.

Erection supervisory services including:

Installation supervisory services including:

System analysis and optimization to further improve the performance of the installation

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