Sempra Electric Pvt Ltd.


Exporter of Voltage Stabilizer Zambia

Exporter of Voltage Stabilizer Zambia

Sempra Electric Pvt Ltd is manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Voltage Stabilize and various products like UPS systems, Battery Banks, diesel generators, LV and HV panels, transformers, voltage stabilizers, and more.

Voltage stabilizer is an electrical device that maintains a constant voltage level regardless of fluctuations in the input voltage.

A complete range of products which includes Servo Stabilizer, Three Phase Servo Voltage Stabilizer, Oil Cooled Servo Voltage Stabilizer, Automatic Voltage Stabilizer, Industrial Servo Voltage Stabilizer and Air Cooled Servo Voltage Stabilizer.

Sensitive electronic devices, which voltage spikes or dips can damage, require voltage stabilizers.
People use voltage stabilizers in homes and businesses to protect appliances, computers, and other electronic equipment.


Protects sensitive electronic devices from damage caused by voltage spikes or dips.
Improves the lifespan of electronic devices.
Reduces the risk of data loss.
Provides peace of mind knowing that your electronic devices are protected.


Brand: Sempra Electric Pvt. Ltd.
Output Voltage: 415 V AC +/- 1% (L-L)
Capacity: Upto 3200KVA 3 – Phase
Load: UN-Balanced Type
Input Voltage: 340V – 460 V AC (L-L) (400V ± 15%)
Correction speed: > 20 v / sec
Auto / Manual Facility: Auto Manual Facility for Individual Phases

Sempra Electric Pvt Ltd excels as an Exporter of Voltage Stabilizer Zambia and various locations like Lusaka, Kitwe, Ndola, Kabwe, Chingola, Mufulira, Livingstone, Luanshya, Kasama, Chipata.

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