Sempra Electric Pvt Ltd.


Exporter of Transformer

Exporter of Transformer

Sempra Electric Pvt Ltd is a manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of Transformer.
Sempra Electric Pvt Ltd is engaged to manufacture and service small and medium Power Transformers.

We are the best Power Transformer manufacturers and Industrial Transformer manufacturers in India.
Sempra Electric Pvt Ltd are an Approved Manufacturer of ISI-approved on-load Distribution Transformer starting from 200 KVA to 5000 kVA Power Transformer ranges from 3MVA to 50 MVA of 132kV voltage class.

We provide reliable & high-quality products at a competitive cost.

We manufacture oil and air cooled Transformers up to 50 MVA in 132 KV class and package Sub-Station (CSS) up to 10 MVA in 33KV class.

Power generation needs several important solutions.
To increase or decrease the voltage levels for power transmission to different places, we use step-up and step-down power transformers.

Sempra Electric Pvt Ltd has the privilege of offering its valuable power transformer solutions to eco-friendly projects.

We provide outstanding transformers for wind and solar power plants for voltage regulation.


Available in different sizes as per the applications
Suitable for high voltage power transfer
Incorporates high insulation level
Reliable at harsh environments
Minimum maintenance
Liquid-immersed models


Power Generation Stations
Distribution Company (DISCOM) Substations
Solar Power and Wind Power Generation Applications
Industrial applications

Quality is central to the performance & longevity of a transformer.
At Sempra Electric, the focus on quality begin with identification of Raw Materials, Regular Inspection, Testing and validation before it taken to the production

Sempra Electric Pvt Ltd is Exporter of Transformer in various locations like Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Maldives, Papua new guinea, Paraguay, Uganda, Egypt, Rwanda, Botswana, Bahrain, Malawi, Iraq, Jordan, Nigeria, Zambia.

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