Sempra Electric Pvt Ltd.


Exporter of Voltage Stabilizer in Ethiopia

Exporter of Voltage Stabilizer in Ethiopia

Exporter of Voltage Stabilizer in Ethiopia

Sempra Electric Pvt Ltd, a leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter, provides Voltage Stabilizers, UPS systems, Battery Banks, diesel generators, LV and HV panels, and transformers.

Our range includes Servo Stabilizer, Three Phase Servo Voltage Stabilizer, Oil Cooled Servo Voltage Stabilizer, Automatic Voltage Stabilizer, Industrial Servo Voltage Stabilizer, and Air Cooled Servo Voltage Stabilizer.

Crucial for safeguarding electronic devices, our stabilizers protect appliances, computers, and other equipment from potential damage due to voltage fluctuations.


Shields devices from harm caused by voltage fluctuations.
Enhances equipment lifespan.
Reduces the risk of data loss.
Provides peace of mind, ensuring device safety.


Brand: Sempra Electric Pvt. Ltd.
Output Voltage: 415 V AC +/- 1% (L-L)
Capacity: Up to 3200KVA 3-Phase
Load: Unbalanced Type
Input Voltage: 340V – 460 V AC (L-L) (400V ± 15%)
Correction Speed: > 20 V / sec
Auto/Manual Facility: Auto-Manual Facility for Individual Phases
Choose Sempra Electric Pvt Ltd for reliable Voltage Stabilizers and electronic device protection.

We are Exporter of Voltage Stabilizer in Ethiopia, serving locations like Addis Ababa, Harar, Bahir Dar, Hosaina, Jijiga, Dire Dawa, Hawassa, Agaro, Finote Selam, Arba Minch, Kombolcha, Agaro, Debre Tabor, Debre Markos, Adwa, Ambo, Sawla, Shire, Dembi Dolo, and Alamata.

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