Sempra Electric Pvt Ltd.


Exporter of Transformer in Malawi

Exporter of Transformer in Swaziland

Exporter of Transformer in Swaziland

Sempra Electric Private Limited stands as a leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of voltage stabilizers, UPS systems, battery banks, diesel generators, LV and HV panels, and transformers.

Renowned as one of India’s foremost Transformer Manufacturers, Sempra Electric Private Limited Power operates from its advanced manufacturing and assembly unit in India, distributing transformers across major parts of the country.

Our state-of-the-art infrastructure and modern machinery ensure uninterrupted transformer production.

A team of skilled technocrats, equipped with the latest technology, strives for continuous improvement to meet diverse customer requirements.

Meticulously crafted using supreme quality raw materials and cutting-edge technology, our transformers provide robust and ideal power solutions.

Rigorous routine tests uphold stringent quality standards adhering to both domestic and international norms.

Sempra Electric Private Limited specializes in manufacturing oil and air-cooled Transformers up to 50 MVA in the 132 KV class and package Sub-Stations (CSS) up to 10 MVA in the 33KV class.

Our designs comply with relevant IS & IEC standards.


Power Rating: Up to 50MVA
Number of Phases: 3-Phase
Voltage Ratio: Up to 132kV
Cooling Type: Oil Cooled
Winding Material: Copper
Standards: IS-2026, IEC-60076
Brand: Sempra Or Reputed
Energy Efficiency Level: 99%

Sempra Electric Private Limited proudly serves as an Exporter of Transformer in Swaziland, reaching locations like Manzini, Mbabane, Mhlume, Siteki, Lobamba, Lavumisa, Matsapha, Nkanni, Skombenni,
Usutu, Mahamba, Horo, Balegane, Lomati, Darkton.

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