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Low Voltage Panels in Iraq

Low Voltage Panels in Iraq

Sempra Electric Private Limited is Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Low Voltage Panels in Iraq.

Our specialization includes LV, MV, and HV panels, Diesel Generators, Transformers, UPS, Battery Banks, and Voltage Stabilizers.

Sempra Electric Private Limited excels in providing low voltage switchgear panels for utility, industrial, and corporate sectors.

Manufactured using cutting-edge technology and premium quality raw materials, our low voltage panels boast exceptional electrical and thermal properties, along with robustness.

We ensure that these panels adhere to requisite market norms and standards, meeting IEC standards for top-notch quality.

Customization is a priority, catering to diverse field and power distribution requirements, with provisions for future cable termination.

Our panels are designed to minimize space requirements, seamlessly integrating with neighboring units.

Featuring polyester/acrylic sheet supports in the bus bars area for insulation, with extendable features on both sides.

With in-house capabilities, our expert team oversees design, manufacturing, testing, and commissioning, offering comprehensive solutions under one roof.

Technical Specifications:

Degree of Protection: IP65
Operating Voltage: 415VAC
Dimension: Customized
Usage/Application: Industrial, Commercial
Phase: Three Phase
IP Rating: IP65
Material: Stainless Steel
Size: Customized
Insulation Voltage: 1100V

Sempra Electric Private Limited is Exporter of Low Voltage Panels in Iraq, serving locations like Baghdad, Mosul, Basra, Nasiriyah, Hillah, Suleymaniyah, Erbil, Ramadi, Baqubah, Kirkuk, Tikrit, Najaf, Kut, Dohuk, Diwaniyah, Karbala, Zankho, Amarah, Samawah, Samarra, Fallujah, Halabja, Kufa.

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