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Power Transformer in Egypt

Power Transformer in Egypt

Sempra Electric Private Limited is a Manufacturer, Supplier, and Exporter of Power Transformer in Egypt.

We specialize in LV, MV, and HV panels, diesel generators, transformers, UPS, battery banks, and voltage stabilizers.

With state-of-the-art infrastructure and modern machinery, our company distributes transformers nationwide, ensuring uninterrupted production.

Our skilled team utilizes cutting-edge technology to meet diverse customer needs through continuous improvements in systems and processes.

Sempra Electric Private Limited manufactures oil and air-cooled transformers up to 50 MVA in the 132 KV class, as well as package Sub-Stations (CSS) up to 10 MVA in the 33KV class.

Compliant with relevant IS & IEC standards, we design and manufacture a comprehensive range of Transformers and Compact substations.

Quality is paramount in ensuring the effectiveness and durability of our transformers.

Sempra Electric, our emphasis on quality begins with the selection of raw materials, followed by rigorous inspection, testing, and validation before they are utilized in production.


Power Rating: Up to 50MVA
Number of Phases: 3-Phase
Voltage Ratio: Up to 132kV
Cooling Type: Oil Cooled
Winding Material: Copper
Standards: IS-2026, IEC-60076
Brand: Sempra Or Reputed
Energy Efficiency Level: 99%

Sempra Electric Private Limited Supplier and Exporter of Power Transformer in Egypt, serving locations like Cario, Alexandria, Giza, Shubra el-Khema, Port Said, Suez, EL mahalla el Kubra, El Mansoura, Tanta, Asyut, Fayoum, Zagazig, Ismailia, Khusus, Aswan, Damanhur, El- Minya, Damietta, Luxor, Qena, Beni Suef, Sohag, Shibin el-Kom, Hurghada, Banha, Malawi.

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