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Exporter of Voltage Stabilizer in Jordan

Exporter of Voltage Stabilizer in Jordan

Exporter of Voltage Stabilizer in Jordan:

Sempra Electric Pvt. Ltd:

Sempra Electric Pvt. Ltd. stands as a Manufacturer, Supplier, and Exporter of Voltage Stabilizers in Jordan, offering innovative solutions for stable power supply.

The company’s voltage stabilizers utilize servo motor technology to maintain output voltage in comparison with a reference voltage, providing true proportional control systems instead of on/off circuits.

Widely accepted design suitable for various conditions, ensuring stability and reliability in power regulation.

Each phase is independently sensed and corrected, making Sempra Electric’s stabilizers suitable for both balanced and unbalanced loads, as well as varying incoming voltages.

The company offers a one-year unconditional warranty on their servo stabilizers post-installation. An extensive service network covering most states in India addresses on-site client complaints efficiently.

Key Features of Voltage Stabilizers:

Efficiency surpasses 98%, showcasing high-performance standards.
Overload capacity is at 120% of the total capacity for short durations, ensuring stability during peak demand.
Cooling mechanism utilizes natural oil cooling for effective temperature management.
Rating includes a capacity of 4000 KVA, catering to various power requirements.

Technical Specifications:

Brand: Sempra Electric Pvt. Ltd.
Output Voltage: 415 V AC +/- 1% (L-L)
Capacity: Up to 3200 KVA 3-Phase
Load Type: Unbalanced
Input Voltage: 340V – 460 V AC (L-L) (400V ± 15%)
Correction Speed: > 20 V / sec
Auto/Manual Facility: Auto-Manual Facility for Individual Phases
Export Reach in Jordan:

Sempra Electric Pvt. Ltd. proudly serves as an Exporter of Voltage Stabilizer in Jordan, reaching key locations such as Amman, Zarqa, Irbid, Russeifa, Sahab, Ramtha, Aqaba, Mafraq, Madaba, As-Salt, Al-Jizah, Aydoun, Jerash, Beit Ras, Al Husn, Naour, Karak, and Kufranjah.

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